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Project Overview
Project Description:

We created an AI that returns a pick-up line when the user inputs a prompt. Furthermore, it proceeds to judge the generated pick-up line as though it were being judged by the user's grandmother. The bot outputs a creative pick-up line for the user to use for their own purpose.

Why we chose to make a pickup line generator?

If you've ever been in a romantic dilemma, you know exactly how it feels to not have a pick-up line ready! It is imperative to make social interactions more comfortable and easygoing. Speaking to your love interest can be extremely nerve-racking and tense, so a pick-up line handcrafted by a certified grandmo‚Äčther will certainly seal the deal!

Our Process

Week 1: 
During the 1st week, we learned the basics of Python. We learned the different data types, variables, loops, if statements, and different built-in functions. Our main focus was on dictionaries as a way to prepare for the next stage of learning. We were also introduced to various concepts within the field of Natural Language Processing to get us started with our project!

Week 2:
During the 2nd week of AI Camp, we picked a project topic and collected around 2,400 sample pickup lines as data. Cleaning the data got this down to about 1,500 pick up lines, pushing us to collect more. We learned the usage of Pandas and learned how dataframes can be leveraged to manipulate data.

Week 3: 
The last week of AI Camp, we broke up into 2 teams (front-end and back-end teams) and worked on different parts of the project. The front-end team worked on designing the website while the back-end team worked on the applications and training the models. 

Python 3

GPT-2 Model


GPT-2 model allows for generating synthetic text samples similar to the dataset.

Python 3 programming language was used throughout the camp to learn and build the product

NLP Augmentation was used to generate additional synthetic data to make up for the limited dataset.

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